Scalp Tonic: Basic element of hair care

Are you dreaming of fabulous mane so you keep doing your best to make it nourished and strong, yet the hair can’t stop shedding and getting weaker? Perhaps you should think about changing your tactics and instead of focusing on the hair length you should take a closer look at the scalp? One of the unrivaled products to help you with this task is scalp tonic. Do you know how it works and what makes it a good idea to incorporate this not-so-common hair care product into your beauty routine?

Scalp toner?! What’s that?

A regular scalp toner is formulated with herbal and plant extracts which makes it an uber-lightweight and incredibly nourishing hair lotion. Since its consistency is liquid, scalp toner isn’t only easy to apply but also it penetrates the scalp fast to reach the follicles. The majority scalp toners are sold in a bottle with atomizer which additionally facilitates trouble-free application that depends on spritzing the hair roots and massaging the scalp. The whole procedure takes no more than a minute.

Properties of scalp toner

Many users claim that regular use of a scalp toner significantly improves the condition of hair. Toner makes the follicles stronger and nourished due to the power of nutrients, herbal extracts and vegetable oils that each high quality scalp toner contains. Scalp massage boosts blood circulation in the skin which has an additional positive impact on the follicles, which later results in strong strands.

Scalp tonic. What are its benefits?

  • Promotes hair growth (e.g. baby hair).
  • Hair grows faster and is stronger.
  • Combats hair loss.
  • Nourishes the hair from the roots.
  • Maintains scalp in good condition.
  • Replenishes scalp with water.
  • Deals with dandruff and oily scalp.
  • Keeps hair looking fresh for longer.
  • Makes the hair more voluminous and lifts the roots.

If you want to get the best results with a scalp tonic, follow three main rules:

  1. PERSISTENCE. Use a scalp tonic every day, even if you don’t wash the hair on a particular day.
  2. LENGTH OF TREATMENT. You should keep applying a scalp tonic every single day for 3-4 weeks.
  3. APPLICATION. Make sure whether the scalp tonic you bought has to be applied to wet or dry scalp.

Most common scalp tonics

There are four main categories of scalp tonics.

  1. Easy combing – it’s formulated with ingredients responsible for making the hair smooth, lustrous and knot-free. It makes a perfect solution for those whose hair is prone to tangles. It has to be applied to wet hair and scalp.
  2. Hair loss – this type of scalp tonic is designed both for men and women. Such products are rich in vitamins and plant extracts. Not only do they nourish the hair but also extend the hair growth phase and promote the extension (e.g. thanks to keratin) and boosts micro-circulation in the scalp.
  3. Hair growth – these are herbal-infused products that are often formulated with pepper, paprika and ginger, known for stimulating the follicles to work more effectively. There are also scalp tonics enriched with vegetable oils, herbal distillates and keratin. When used on a day-to-day basis, such products promote hair growth and combat hair loss.
  4. Dandruff – such scalp tonics are considered as a perfect treatment for oily scalp, dry hair and irritated scalp. They should also soothe sensitive scalp. Such products balance the scalp’s pH and visibly improve hair’s appearance.

Scalp tonic. When should you reach for it?

You should give a scalp tonic a go if you want to:

  • nourish and strengthen the hair
  • soothe scalp irritations
  • deal with oily scalp
  • combat dandruff
  • stop hair from shedding
  • promote hair growth