Hair oil treatment – step by step

Performing hair oil treatment for the very first time may bring some difficulties and questions about the treatment itself as well as the oil that you should choose. The article is going to help you to pick a suitable oil and to carry out hair oiling in a proper way.

1. Devote one evening to hair oiling. You should have at least three spare hours. You won’t be willing to show your greasy strands to anyone so you’d better give up meeting your friends.

2. Choose a proper oil. It may be quite difficult at the beginning – you probably don’t know your hair porosity. Therefore, you can:

– choose completely neutral oils which are suitable for all hair porosity types (jojoba, castor, pomegranate seed oil)

– go for oils designed for normal porosity hair. They are the safest as most people have this type of hair porosity. These oils contain omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids. Every oil should have information on the label about the percentage of fatty acids included thus choosing the proper oil should be trouble-free. Moringa, camellia, apricot seed and macadamia oils have the largest amount of omega-9 acids.

3. Start hair oil treatment. The most important thing is to cover the scalp evenly. You can use a brush (e.g. for hair dyeing) to do it. Apply the oil to the scalp gradually and evenly. Remember that the oil cannot drip off your head so use it in moderation.

Once the whole scalp is covered with the oil, do a gentle massage. Use delicate motions not to damage the hair. You must also cover all the strands with the oil so spread it evenly on the lengths. A few drops are enough.

Wrap your hair with a warm towel (natural oils love heat) and let the oil perform. You should leave the oil for at least one hour. If you have more time, feel free to keep it longer. You can even leave it for the whole night and shampoo the hair in the morning.

4. That’s it! Remember about regular treatments. You should do hair oiling at least once a month for full nourishment. Good luck!

The most common mistakes when oiling hair

It is a well-known fact that oiling hair provides a number of benefits and it should be permanently joined to our hair care rituals. The treatment ensures a complex care and regeneration that no conditioner or hair balm will ever provide.

However, you must remember to do the hair oiling treatment skilfully. Even though, it does not cause any troubles, we still make a few major mistakes that can completely change the outcome of the treatment. Instead of having spectacular effects, we might get dull and coarse hairstyle.

1. Applying oil on hair loaded with cosmetics.

If you often use hair spray, mousse or other styling cosmetics, you must keep in mind that your oil will not be able to penetrate deeply into the hair or scalp. Therefore, it will not provide the desired effects. What is more, such cosmetics often comprise many comedogenic substances and detergents, such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. What should you do? It is simple. Wash your hair before the oiling treatment.

2. Oiling dirty hair is also a very bad idea. Not everyone is aware of the fact that sebum accumulated after a few days is very dangerous. It causes hair loss because it clogs hair follicles and limits the access of oxygen. Therefore, if you apply another layer of oil on your already greasy scalp, your hair will start falling out just like leaves in autumn.

3. Inappropriate oil. When choosing your oil, you have to make sure it will suit the needs of your hair. The into consideration its porosity and condition. Never buy any product just because ‘your friend said that it worked perfectly for her’. We have different kinds of hair which have different needs.

4. Applying too much oil. The tendency of applying too much product is a typical feature of majority of women. It probably derives from the common belief that the more conditioner or balm we use, the better the results we get. You could not be more wrong. It is extremely important to know how to balance everything, otherwise it might do more harm than good. The average amount of oil should not exceed 5 ml. However, it also depends on your hair length and thickness.

Avoiding all the above-mentioned mistakes will ensure spectacular effects!