What leave-in conditioner is the best for your hair?

Conditioners have become an essential part of our hair care. Why? Such cosmetics have tremendous properties, they nourish hair and care for the scalp. Before you use this kind of product, firstly determine the kind of hair problem you are dealing with. Check out what conditioner will be the best for you. 

Remember to match the conditioner to the type of your hair and scalp. Keep in mind that for dry hair you must use completely different products than for oily type. Additionally, you should pay more attention to what your strands look like during the day. Are they easy to style or perhaps you have troubles with combing? Maybe they loose volume after washing? Do humidity and fog cause frizz or static?

Dandruff symptoms, irritated scalp and other dermatological diseases can be cured with the helo of a conditioner.

The very important factor in hair care is the consistency of a conditioner. The longer you leave it in, the better the effects you get. What does this mean? The components of the cosmetic have enough time to penetrate to the deepest parts of hair. The market is full of different kinds of mousses, sprays, mists and serums. 

The best conditioner for thin, fragile, over-dried, oily, damaged and curly hair is a spray conditioner with moisturising properties. This type of cosmetic must have a lightweight formula that will prevent from weighing strand down. Richer products such as cream conditioners. Their task is to smooth, improve resilience and protect again harmful external factors. Such products are perfect for over-dried and frizzy hair. Mousse conditioners will add volume to flat wisps. Lightweight formula of the product does not overburden strands and makes styling a lot easier. Moreover, great results will be obtained thanks to using a conditioner of a serum consistency. Unfortunately, this cosmetic is not recommended for thin, fragile and oil type of wisps. The product contains oils and other lubricating substances. Therefore, use serum for the care of thick and heavy hair.