Closer look at fine hair. How should you take care of delicate hair in the winter?

Fine and weak hair are quite common. What is more, in the winter hair condition worsens, because it is subjected to much greater amount of unfavourable factors like freeze. How should you take care of your hair in the winter? What does it need to be stronger? This is no secret. Learn more about it, below.

Problem starts in the autumn. This is when hair start to weaken and fall out. It is all connected to the upcoming December solstice. It may seem like the position of the Sun towards the Earth has nothing to do with the hair condition. Unfortunately, in the period of solstice, our organism is weaker and is preparing for the winter. It takes its toll on hair condition.

Get to know your fine hair

Our hair can be different in many ways. It is usually about the difference in colour, length or structure. Some women have straight hair, while the other proudly wear afro. Volume is also important criterion, which can be greater or smaller. Volume can be impacted by among many, raise at the roots, coil, but also thickness.

Fine hair are thin, usually have weak follicles and are much more delicate. It requires special care, that will provide strengthening of natural barrier, nourishment and hair growth enhancement. What can you do?

– Focus on the scalp!
Hair shaft condition depends on the scalp. This is where hair bulbs are located, which grow hair. It will not do much good, when you apply conditioners and hair oils on the hair length, because hair shaft is dead. It is much more effective to focus on strengthening living hair bulbs.

– Eat regularly and healthy!
The fight for beautiful and thick hair should start on the inside. Haircare of fine hair is most of all focused on delivering it with essential nourishing substances. Before you reach for cosmetics, try introducing some healthy products to your diet. Helpful in determining what hair need can be Elemental Hair Analysis.

– Make friends with a hair rinse!
The conditioner alone cannot help you make hair denser, because it works only on the surface. The best cosmetic for fine hair is hair rinse. You may say that it is type of conditioner for scalp. The cosmetic needs to be used on regular basis on scalp. Hair rinse contains plenty precious ingredients, while scalp massage additionally strengthens its action.