Dry and weak hair? Make use of these tips.

Split ends, dry strands, irritated scalp, damaged hair. If your hairstyle also looks like this – it is high time to make use of the hair maniacs tips. Check how to take care of hair, which products to give up and which hairstyling accessories to use.

Firstly, get rid of hair sprays and mousses

Say no to fixing your hairstyle with sprays and mousses. Why? These products contain drying substances which harshly weaken the hair; they may even irritate the scalp. Mousses and sprays make your hair stiff and prone to brittling and breakage. After all, you don’t need to fix your hairstyle every day. You can blow-dry your hair with a round brush and spray it with a cosmetic oil which will tame the strands. Keep in mind that it is a bad idea to apply a hair spray and then brush the hair:it may get brittle and frizzy. Besides, the leftovers of the spray that you brush out may settle on your strands.

Secondly, proper styling

Also heat styling damages and weakens your hair. Therefore, cut down on a flat iron, dryer, curler and other hairstyling tools which produce heat. Heat styling causes dryness, split ends and loss of natural shine. If your hair is damaged, wear it loose. Use mild products and try out a few simple hairstyles. A regular braid, pony tail or bun will be great. Spray such a hairdo with a cosmetic oil; the effect will be fantastic.

Thirdly, detangle hair with a regular comb

Boar bristle brushes and plastic Tangle Teezer can damage your hair. If you’ve noticed frizz, static and split ends, these gadgets have probably done it. A wide-toothed comb proves to be the best comb for damaged hair. Choose the one that is made of one piece of material and doesn’t have any sticking out elements which join teeth and handle.

Fourthly, trim hair ends

Long and thick hair with damaged ends. Many girls have such hair. Conclusion? It is a much better idea to trim your hair rather than grow it and be sad about its poor condition. Ask your hairstylist to use hot scissors which excellently deal with damaged hair ends. Although trimming doesn’t boost hair growth, it makes the hairstyle look far better.