How to nurture damaged hair?

Sun, free radicals, polluted air, over-drying cosmetics and many more. All of these factors can have negative influence on your strands and cause scalp irritation. Check out how to improve condition of damaged wisps and how to regenerate split ends. 

Rule number one: cosmetic oil

Apply your cosmetic oil before each shampooing. The product will protect wisps from over-drying ingredients of some cosmetics, will prevent frizz and static as well as tangling. What is more, oil applied prior to washing hair will moisturise, nourish and smooth strands. It will make them soft, resilient and easy to style. How to do it? Apply oil a few hours before washing our hair. Make sure that your oil is properly matched to the porosity of your hair. Next, you can create a loose braid or a bun. Remember to wash your wisps thoroughly and leave them to air-dry.

Rule number two: Mild shampoo and conditioner

If your hair is damaged, dry and weakened, do not use products that contain detergents or any strong ingredients. Washing your strands with a gentle baby shampoo or a mild conditioner will be enough. Remember that you can have dry or damaged hair ends but oily strands at the roots. In this case, you should use two different cosmetics to provide proper care. Components such as SLS and silicones can have serious negative influence on your wisps and scalp. The best solution to such problem will be trying out cosmetics made of ingredients of natural origin.

Rule number three: Cold water and gentle towel-drying

If you want your hair to be smooth and shiny, wash it in cool water. This way, you will seal the scales and your strands will look healthier and smoother. Whereas, high temperature causes raising of the scales which in consequence dries and weakens hair. Also, keep in mind that rubbing your head and wisps with a towel can damage their structure. For get rid of excess water from hair you can use paper towels or a cotton T-shirt.

Rule number four: Silicone serum

As it turns out, silicons are not so bad after all. Of course if you use them wisely, they will not cause harm. On the contrary, silicons protect hair from harmful effects of high temperature, detergents, UV radiation and other external factors. What do they provide? Thanks to them, wisps are smooth, shiny and soft. However, you must remember that if you use too much product with those ingredients, it might weigh your strands down and cause oily scalp.