Scalp lotion. How to properly use it?

Masks, conditioners, oils… These are only some of the products that many girls use in hair and scalp care. Also scalp lotions should be added to this group. They are said to work excellently. See it for yourself!

Scalp lotion. What is it?

It is simply a liquid conditioner designed for hair and scalp care. The main task of this product is to strengthen and nourish hair bulbs. As a consequence, hair grows healthier and more beautiful. If you massage the scalp while applying the lotion, you improve blood circulation, speed up hair growth and reduce hair loss. What is more, scalp lotions control work of sebaceous glands, soothe irritation, eliminate dandruff and improve hair condition. If you have noticed that your hair is weak, it falls out, the skin on the scalp flakes off and itches, you must try out scalp lotions.

Which scalp lotion is the best one?

When yo go shopping, think about the needs of your hair and scalp. Scalp conditioners contain plant extracts and cosmetic oils. They may also include Alcohol Denat which plays a very important role in these products. It transports nutrients inside the skin, warms up the scalp and speeds up blood circulation as well as preserves the conditioner. You may as well make such a product at home. Try out fenugreek scalp conditioner or herbal maceration. Use argil and hydrolates.

When you choose a scalp lotion, check the bottle. Most of them make the application easy. If the bottle is not so comfortable in use, you can pour the conditioner into an atomiser bottle, which allows for spraying the product onto larger area of the scalp. Bottles with pipettes are becoming more and more popular. They make using scalp conditioners very comfortable.

How to use scalp lotions?

First of all, regularly. If you skip a few applications, you won’t achieve the desired effect. Using the product several times a week is enough. Second of all, thoroughly. Apply it to the entire scalp. Divide hair into sections and apply the conditioner between them. Thirdly, for a month. You will see the effect after no sooner than four weeks. Keep in mind that some scalp lotions must be used even longer. Fourthly, before or after hair wash. If you apply the conditioner before hair washing, you must give it at least an hour to get absorbed. If you want to apply it after washing, wait until hair dries off.