Strong and dense hair without conditioners? Give a try to home remedies!

Instead of shining and densely falling onto shoulders, it’s stiff, dull and hard to comb after every shampooing. Sadly, the dream of beautiful and thick hair is often hard to make true. We tend to suffer excessive hair loss and deficit of nutrients. What to do? Best to give a try to a few hair strengthening home remedies.

One of the main reasons why hair falls out too excessively is caused by hormonal disorder. What’s the advice? Pay greater attention to factors around you that trigger stress and do your best to eliminate or at least limit them. Against all appearances, their destructive influence over hair condition is considerable. There’s no point in deceiving yourself any longer.

High level and constant exposition to stress badly affects not only our health but also your hair.

The second, yet equally crucial issue, is the proper intake of nutrients. The foods we eat transfers to the condition of our skin, nails and hair. Therefore, our plates should be full of healthy, fresh and balanced dishes. Remember that proteins and iron are the key elements that our hair is made from. At least, we should consume both substances for breakfast and dinner.

What’s the best source of the essential proteins? Greek yoghurt, low-fat cheese, fish, meat and nut butter. Where can we find iron? The best would be rare steak, but unfortunately not everyone is fond of eating this kind of meat. Other sources of iron are fresh parsley, beetroots, green leaves (i.e. spinach) and sugar-free cocoa. Introduce these into your diet.

Indeed, balanced diet is one thing. Although it’s crucial, it won’t make miracles on its own. Equally important is care taken from the outside. Frequently we apply too many cosmetics of both poor composition and the use far from being intended. We don’t know the type of our hair so we made basic mistakes. We mix various products that shouldn’t be combined or use such products that deliver counterproductive action. To demonstrate, if our hair is dry, choose moistening products and oils destined for high porosity hair. If dandruff is your problem, reach for cosmetics that ease irritations and contain anti-fungal ingredients. Proper care is the key to strong and beautiful hair.

Yet another mistake that makes our hair weak and contributes to it falling out is improper application of the cosmetics. Always follow products’ directions for use. To clarify, if the label says that a particular hair mask has to be rinsed off after five minutes, then letting it sit for a half of an hour won’t improve its action. As long as it doesn’t make difference when applying natural oils, intensive hair conditioners might deteriorate your hair condition if you delay rinsing them off.