Nanoil Hair Oil

Nanoil equals top-class and high-quality. The product has been created with attention to every detail, starting from beautiful packaging, through outstanding smell and performance to exceptional composition and effects.

Nanoil Hair Oil is a top-rated product not only because it is free of comedogenic substances, parabens, petroleum derivatives and alcohols. It is a product that surprises with its approach towards the entire hair care: it comes in three versions, each of which matches different types of porosity – in other words – its type, condition and level of damage. You can determine low, medium, and high porosity. Thanks to such innovative approach, Nanoil is the perfect answer to various hair needs. Thus each of the version:

  • natural oils, specially selected and synchronised to different types of porosity
  • two unique substances (Baicapil and Kerastim) that reinforce hair bulbs, boost hair growth and inhibit hair loss
  • a range of nourishing and beautifying active substances, a set of vitamins and sunscreen responsible for preventing hair photo-ageing


Nanoil is a product that can be used in various ways, therefore it replaces a diversity of other products:

  • As an in-depth regeneration (overnight or several-hour hair and scalp oiling)
  • As a regenerating hair mask (applying Nanoil to dry hair 15 – 30 min prior to shampooing)
  • As a leave-in conditioner (after shampooing onto damp hair)
  • As a conditioning serum (applied to dry hair from the mid-lengths)
  • As heat protection (everytime you are about to expose your hair to sunlight or blow-dry with hot air)
  • as a hair ends serum (regardless of the time of the day; applied to dry or damp hair).


Nanoil instantly beautifies hair and protects it from damages and adverse weather conditions from the very first use. After 4 weeks, you hair is significantly regenerated from the bulbs all the way to the ends. It regains vitality and health.


  • Fingerprints are visible on the black bottle.

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