8 bad hair care habits that ruin your mane

Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy hair. You use conditioners and hair masks, you protect the hair ends with serum, yet the hair is still dull, damaged and frizzy? The blame could be put on the seemingly trivial things that you don’t even probably pay attention to. What are the most common mistakes in hair care?


What damages hair the most?

1. Salon hair treatments

Naturally not all of them. Nevertheless, we tend to expose our hair to some treatments that are supposed to improve it, yet with time they trigger adverse results. What salon hair treatments are they in particular? Mostly they are: color-treating, bleaching, hair extension and perm. Each one of them slowly crushes hair’s resistance to damage which inevitably leads to a disaster. Strands that are often exposed to invasive salon hair treatments become dehydrated and lose their resilience fast.

2. High temperatures

All kinds of heat hair styling that include blow drying, using a flat iron or curling rod make the hair cuticle rise, which has truly negative consequences – hair becomes more prone to all types of damage. High temperatures literally burn the hair and break it, and this is hardly possible to fix. Therefore, always use some heat protection such as natural vegetable oils or lotions. With their help you will shield the hair from the heat and counteract frizz.

3. Mechanical damage

Tugging and friction that we expose the hair to without even thinking about it have a really negative impact on the strands. We keep rubbing the hair against earrings, pillows and clothes, which considerably damage its structure. Another bad hair care habit is going to sleep with wet hair. This leads to fast hair deterioration. The same applies to removing excess water from the strands after shampooing with a rough towel. Instead of rubbing the wet strands against such a harsh surface, better wrap the head with a towel made of delicate materials and wait until the excess water is absorbed.

4. Weather conditions

Sadly, we have no control over weather conditions, we can’t command the wind to stop blowing, or the Sun to stop burning our hair. Unfortunately, this makes the hair follicles weaker so you can’t expect them to grow beautiful and healthy hair. Moreover, the air, especially in the urban areas, is filled with chemicals and contaminants that cause damage not only to the hair but also to the skin.

5. Water

Indeed, water can have a negative influence on the hair as well. Tap water in some urban areas is awfully hard so it leaves a residue on the hair which contributes to roughness. Chlorine and salty water have a similar impact on the strands. Therefore, if you want to shield your hair, use leave-in conditioners before exposing the hair to any type of water. You should also make use of vinegar hair rinses that are known for balancing the scalp’s pH levels.

6. Wrong hair care products

We often cause harm to ourselves by treating our bodies with products that don’t correspond with the hair type. It’s also worth realizing that a cosmetic that helped your friend save her hair doesn’t actually need to be beneficial for your hair. You just must define the porosity level of the hair (note: try to find an online hair porosity test) to be sure what hair products you should invest the money in. Furthermore, try not to overdo with hair styling products since their residues don’t improve the state of the hair. Gels, hair sprays and mousses weigh hair down, create a build-up which make the hair weak.

7. Brushing hair improperly

This seemingly easy act of brushing is tremendously important for the hair and the scalp. This no-brainer activity boosts micro-circulation in the scalp and gives a subtle message to the skin. First, however, you must choose the right brush/comb (e.g. a wide tooth comb). It’s a good idea to swap a regular brush for a boar-bristle brush. If you want to grow healthy hair, you should neither tug nor jerk the hair, no matter if it’s wet or dry. Always be gentle with the hair.

8. No scalp care

Scalp is the most crucial when it comes to healthy hair growth because the follicles are the “hair-makers”. Do you want to have fabulous hair? You must take care of the scalp! If the needs of the scalp are neglected, the hair won’t get any chance to grow well. Try some scalp scrubs and hair oil treatment.